Settling in at the Muddy Pumpkin

Kate and I finally made it to the our friends farm, the Muddy Pumpkin, last Tuesday after a crazy five day trip from Worcester. We are mainly here to help our friend Mark start the growing season at his family's five acre organic farm in Oacoma, SD, check out their website. During the afternoons and odd days off Kate and I are slowly finishing up the mansion. This past week Kate put a coat of tung oil on the coach and mineral oil on the countertop. That process involves mixing the tung oil with a citrus solvent at a 1:1 proportion. The solvent allow the tung oil the penetrate deeper into the wood then dries away leaving just the oil. An easy process but the whole mansion reeked of citrus for two days!
   I also got the cook top, fridge and sink working! I am focusing on the appliances first so we can fully enjoy the mansion while being out here. We are going to be here the whole month of May and I plan on nearly finishing all the building by then. 

The mansion is finally safe in its temporary home. The river behind it is the Missouri. 

The burner lives! 

The first meal on the cooktop was coffee and rice pudding, oh yeah! 

The farm is over run with over 11 cats and 3 kittens. Tina, below, has taken the mansion as her new home, and hardly minds any sort of attention. 

Burt Reynolds is quite comfy in the bed. 


  1. What beautiful photos of the house during the golden hour! Glad to learn you're smitten with Tina. Much love! JDH

  2. Your mansion looks fantastic, especially with that backdrop! The outside seems to be all set. I guess all that’s left is finishing up inside? I see the walls still need work, but that’s probably done by now.